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What to do about the Cuban Queen?

Windy Jones argued point by point with the two Jerome attorneys and several Board of Adjustment members, but even the ghost of the Cuban Queen could not help her as she and her partner walked away empty handed Thursday night.

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The Red and the Green

Cottonwood Mayor Tim Elinski, far right and his wife Ruth Ellen, second from right, represent the city of Cottonwood along with staff Saturday at the annual Sedona St. Patrick’s Parade. The event is a partnership between NAU Parks and Recreation Progra…

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A river runs through it

CLARKDALE — Last week’s flooding on the Verde River in Clarkdale knocked out part of a 105-year-old dam. Flood waters also destroyed a pond levee that helped divert water to Pecks Lake, according to Clarkdale Mayor Doug Von Gausig.

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